• Corrugated Cartons
  • White Boxes

    Have your product stand out and get noticed!

    • Sharp, crisp, white boxes give shipments a quality impression.
    • All made from strong 200#/ECT-32 oyster white corrugated.
    • Makes labels and instructions easy to read.
    • 20 sizes to choose from.

  • White Self-Seal Side Loading Boxes

    Premium self-seal boxes with adhesive strips on both ends for fast secure closure.

    • Our version of the "Fed Ex" box.
    • Strong 200#/ECT-32-C corrugated.
    • Easy opening tear strip on both ends.
    • Full overlap flaps provide additional protection.

  • Printers Boxes

    Ship Catalogs, Flyers, Forms and Reams in the right size Carton!

    • All made from strong 200#/ECT-32 corrugated (except where noted).
    • Sized to fit standard paper dimensions.
    • 38 sizes to choose from.

  • Multi-Depth Boxes

    Use the right size box!

    • Box sides are scored at multiple depths to allow easy height adjustment for a perfect fit.
    • Save space and money by reducing the number of different cartons in your inventory.
    • No carton sizer needed. Simply cut down to your desired size.
    • Multi-Depth Boxes are made from strong 200#/ECT-32 (unless otherwise noted).
    • Make up to 7 sizes with 1 box.

  • Large Cube Boxes

    Perfect for storing and shipping large bulky items.

    • All made from strong 200#/ECT-32 corrugated (except where noted).
    • Ship and store flat to save space.
    • 28 sizes to choose from.

  • Super Shippers

    Combine many different size boxes in these over-sized, multi-depth shipping cartons.

    • Cartons are scored at multiple depths. Simply cut to desired size.
    • Save on shipping by combining multiple packages.
    • Heavy-duty construction. Nearly 40% stronger than a standard carton.
    • All Super Shippers are made from heavy-duty 275#/ECT-44 corrugated.

  • Bulk Cargo Containers

    Protect and conceal your large shipments with Bulk Cargo Containers.

    • Many standard air freight containers available.
    • Makes a great master pack for smaller cartons.
    • Easy to pack.
    • Protect irregularly shaped shipments.
    • R.S.C. = Regular Slotted Container
    • F.O.L = Full Over Lap
    • H.S.C. = Half Slotted Container

  • Flat Boxes

    Flat Boxes


    Flat boxes provide a tight fit for shipment of flat or round products.

    • 74 sizes to choose from.
    • All ship and store flat to save space.
    • Flat boxes are made from strong 200#/ECT-32 corrugated.
    • Perfect for apparel and books.

  • Tall Boxes

    Tall Boxes


    End loading for easy insertion and sealing.

    • Tall boxes are made from strong 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated.
    • Ideal for shipping irregularly shaped items such as golf clubs, shelving, fishing rods and umbrellas.
    • May be used in place of mailing tubes.
    • Ships flat in bundle quantities.

  • Telescoping Boxes

    Two-piece design is adjustable to fit irregularly shaped items.

    • Adjusts up to 90 inch depth.
    • Constructed from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated.
    • Cartons feature F.O.L. bottom flaps.
    • Inner and outer cartons sold separately.

  • Long Boxes

    Long Boxes


    Wide openings make these cartons easy to pack.

    • Ideal for packing long and narrow items.
    • Box opens along the length to make loading easy.
    • Constructed from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated.
    • Ships flat in bundle quantities.
    • 55 sizes to choose from.

  • Heavy-Duty Boxes

    Heavy-Duty Boxes provide added protection to ensure that your shipments arrive safe.

    • Use when additional stacking strength is needed.
    • Choose from singlewall or doublewall.
    -Singlewall heavy-duty boxes are made from strong 275#/ECT-44 corrugated.
    - Double heavy-duty boxes are made from strong 275# D.W./ECT-48 corrugated.

  • Cube Boxes

    Cube Boxes


    Cube boxes are perfect for shipping round items.

    • Easy to stack. Weight is evenly disbursed on all sides.
    • Made from 200#/ECT-32 corrugated.

  • Master Cartons

    These cartons are specifically designed to be master packs for our most popular small cube cartons for freight consolidation.

    • No need for additional void-fill - a perfect fit every time.
    • Save on U.P.S. orders by combining several packages.
    • All made from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated.

  • Laptop Shipping System

    Recommended for shipping laptop style computers.

    • Protects laptops from shock and movement during shipment.
    • Accessory divider provides a neat contained space for chargers, batteries and cords.
    • System includes: 2 suspension inserts, accessory divider and outer box

  • Computer Boxes

    Recommended for shipping computer components.
    Keyboard carton is made from 200#/ECT-32 white corrugated.

  • Economy Moving Boxes

    Most popular size cartons for packing.

    • Strong quality kraft corrugated construction.
    • Shipped flat in bundle quantities.

  • Deluxe Moving Boxes

    A collection of boxes designed specifically for the moving industry.

    • All Deluxe Moving Boxes are printed with a collection of special handling instructions including: "Fragile-Handle with Care", Up Arrows and an easy to understand write on destination panel.
    • The deluxe cartons feature special "flap tabs" that hold flaps down and out of the way making packing easier.