• Biodegradable Loose Fill

    Biodegradable Loose Fill is made from corn starch.

    • Corn starch fill dissolves in water leaving no toxic waste.
    • Organic fill is static free.

  • Flo-Pak® Loose Fill

    The "clean" peanut! No breaks! No crumbing! .

    • "Figure 8" design acts as a shock absorber for delicate products.
    • Heavy-duty loose fill has solid centers to protect heavier products.

  • Flo-Vac® Loose Fill Dispenser

    The perfect general-use system for anyone that receives packages with loose fill and wants to reuse fill.

    • Requires minimum of 10 feet clearance.
    • Refills without lowering bag.
    • Strong vacuum empties a one cubic foot carton in less than 10 seconds leaving behind even the lightest items.

  • Industrial Loose Fill

    Polystyrene Loose Fill cushions contents on all sides.

    • Interlocking shape prevents contents from settling.
    • Economical, fast and easy to use void fill.
    • Available in white, green recycled and pink anti-static.

  • Loose Fill Dispensers

    Squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanuts.

    • Includes rope and 2 pulleys.
    • Mounts to warehouse ceiling.
    • Durable, rot resistant canvas bag has reinforced flexible tubing attached.
    • Dispenses all types of loose fill.

  • U.P.S.able Loose Fill

    Perfect for low volume packing or warehouses with limited storage.

    • Choose from all 7 different types of loose fill.
    • Available in 7 cubic foot bags.
    • Ships U.P.S. oversize.

  • Corrugated Layer Pads

    Great layering protection.

    • Use in between layers of product to evenly disperse weight.
    • Makes a great envelope stiffener.
    • Top layering protects products from damage when box is being cut open.
    • Sized to fit our most popular cartons.
    • All made from 200#/ECT-32 corrugated.

  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Pallet Covers and Bin Liners

    Large gusseted bags make great container liners and equipment covers.

    • Pre-cut bags are perforated on a roll for fast, easy dispensing.
    • Keeps products free from settling dust.
    • Use to line large cartons for moisture protection.

  • Poly Sheeting, Black

    Conceals as it protects.
    Great for use on construction materials and equipment.

  • Poly Sheeting, Clear

    Protects equipment, machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt.
    More economical than drop cloths.

  • Top Sheeting

    Top sheeting keeps tops of pallets protected from settling dust and dirt.
    Sheets can be used alone or with dispensing system.

  • KIMPAK® - Cellulose Wadding
  • Chipboard Pads

    Great for use in between layers of product.

    • Top layering cartons protects products from damage when package is being cut open.
    • Use as an added stiffener in envelopes.
    • Constructed from 0.22 or 0.30 point Kraft fiberboard.

  • Indented Kraft Paper

    Soft, absorbent Indented Kraft Paper bounces back after repeated impacts during shipping.

    • Used in wrapping, interleaving or great as a void fill.
    • Made from 100% recycled material.
    • Naturally bio-degradable and recyclable.
    • Non-abrasive.

  • Perforated Air Bubble Rolls

    Same great bubble protection cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

    • Available in 3/16, 5/16 and 1/2 inch bubble height rolls.
    • Retail lengths available for low volume or retail applications.
    • Pink anti-static bubble provides both cushioning and static protection for electronic components.
    • All rolls are cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

  • Perforated Air Foam Rolls

    Foam rolls are cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

    • Light-weight protection.
    • Foam absorbs shocks.
    • Keeps products clean and mark free.
    • Non-abrasive.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Pink anti-static foam protects sensitive electronic components from static discharge.

  • Singleface Corrugated

    Flexible Singleface Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes.

    • Singleface is Kraft "A" flute corrugated.
    • 1/4 inch flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning.
    • Use to protect metal and glass parts.

  • Wrapping Tissue

    Crumples easily for packing into small cartons and mailers.

  • Gift Grade Colored Tissue Paper - 1

    Enhance the appearance and add dimension to your packaging with premium quality tissue paper.

    • Special dyes resist fading and bleeding.
    • Soft texture on both sides.
    • Choose from 10 assorted colors.