• Industrial Masking Tape
  • 3M Masking Tape
  • Industrial Colored Masking Tape

    Use Colored Masking Tape to color code shipments or for inventory identification.

    • Designed for medium temperature applications.
    • 6.2 Mil Tape.
    • 24 lbs. per inch of width tensile strength.
    • Stain and solvent resistant.
    • Choose from black, orange white, light blue, light green red, dark green or yellow.

  • 3M Long Mask™ Weatherable Masking Tape

    3M 2090 Scotch® Brand Long Mask™ Masking Tape

    • Ideal for long term masking projects when tape must be left on for up to a week.
    • Removes cleanly and easily for up to seven days without leaving a residue.
    • Features easy tear and a controlled unwind for easy handling.

  • Industrial Weatherable Masking Tape

    Weatherable Masking Tape resists direct sunlight.

    • Holds up to 14 days with clean removal.
    • Solvent and moisture resistant.
    • Medium crepe.
    • Synthetic rubber adhesive sticks instantly.
    • Easy tear and controlled unwind.
    • Bright blue colored tape.

  • 3M Automotive Refinishing Masking Tape

    3M 233+ Scotch® Brand Automotive Refinishing Masking Tape

    • Removes cleanly when subject to temperatures up to 250 ºF.
    • Balanced construction for applications where clean removal and conformability are required.
    • Heat and solvent resistance provide excellent performance in most painting applications.

  • 3M High Temperature Masking Tape

    3M 2380 Scotch® Brand High Temperature Masking Tape

    • Smooth, strong, mini-crepe is treated with a heat and solvent resistant saturant suitable for most paint masking applications.
    • Designed for industrial use where a good paint line is desired.
    • Suitable drying conditions range from air dry to oven bake temperature.

  • Industrial High Temperature Masking Tape

    A general purpose High Temperature Masking Tape

    • Withstands temperatures up to 310 ºF.
    • Designed for applications where clean removal is required.
    • Suitable for most paint masking applications.

  • Double Sided Masking Tape

    Crepe paper tape with a double coated natural rubber adhesive.

  • Pressure Sensitive Paper Tape

    Paper backed "flat back" tape.

    • Stronger than masking tape.
    • Easy application - just apply and tear by hand.
    • No water or dispensers needed.
    • Seals securely under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
    • Write directly on tape.

  • 3M 811 Scotch® Brand Magic™ Tape (Removable)

    An invisible tape that holds securely, yet can be easily removed or repositioned.

    • Great for cut-and-paste and temporary holding applications.
    • Disappears on paper.
    • Non-yellowing matte finish.
    • Pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily.