• Bogus Kraft Paper

    Bogus Kraft Paper is a soft economical void fill.

    • Bogus Kraft paper is made from a combination of recycled fibers and newsprint.
    • Rolls fit dispensers.

  • Butcher Paper

    Strong, white all purpose butcher paper.

    • Use as a sandwich/lunch meat, plant/floral, general wrap or as disposable table covers.
    • Near neutral ph. Low sulfur. FDA approved.

  • Waxed Paper

    Waxed Paper protects products from oil, grease and moisture.

    • 100% virgin Kraft paper. Waxed on both sides.
    • Light-weight 30 No. basis weight.
    • Non-abrasive protection.

  • Freezer Paper

    Provides protection for frozen products for up to one year.

    • Polyethylene coated on one side.
    • 40 No. virgin, bleached paper.
    • FDA approved.

  • Kraft Paper Sheets

    Pre-cut sheets make packing uniform products easier.

    • Choose from 30, 40 or 50 No. Kraft paper.
    • 100% recycled.
    • Available in 50 lb. bundles.

  • Kraft Paper Rolls

    Excellent for wrapping boxes, parts or for layering.

    • A natural void-fill.
    • Kraft Paper is bio-degradable and easily recyclable.
    • Made from 100% recycled fibers.

  • Rolls Paper Cutters

    Cutters can be mounted on a wall, counter or under a countertop.

  • Poly Coated Kraft Paper

    Poly coated Kraft paper protects products from water, oil, dust and grease damage.

    • 10 No. gloss poly coating on one side. 50 No. virgin Kraft paper.
    • Use to protect metal products.

  • VCI Paper

    VCI Paper


    Use Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) paper to cover or wrap metal parts or surfaces.

    • Chemically treated paper continuously vaporizes creating an environment that blocks out rust, corrosion and oxidation.
    • One square foot of VCI Paper for every one cubic foot of packaging area is recommended.
    • Completely wrap for maximum protection.

  • Indented Kraft Paper

    Soft, absorbent Indented Kraft Paper bounces back after repeated impacts during shipping.

    • Used in wrapping, interleaving or great as a void fill.
    • Made from 100% recycled material.
    • Naturally bio-degradable and recyclable.
    • Non-abrasive.

  • Roll Storage Systems

    Stores and cuts bubble, foam, paper and plastic rolls.

    • Accommodates rolls up to 48 inch wide.
    • Stand is constructed from 1 1/2 inch, 16 gauge steel tubing.
    • Supports up to 300 pounds.
    • Rotary sheer cutter cuts in both directions.
    • Casters are available to make stand portable.
    • Stand, cutter and casters each sold separately.

  • Singleface Corrugated

    Flexible Singleface Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes.

    • Singleface is Kraft "A" flute corrugated.
    • 1/4 inch flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning.
    • Use to protect metal and glass parts.

  • Wrapping Tissue

    Crumples easily for packing into small cartons and mailers.

  • Gift Grade Colored Tissue Paper - 1

    Enhance the appearance and add dimension to your packaging with premium quality tissue paper.

    • Special dyes resist fading and bleeding.
    • Soft texture on both sides.
    • Choose from 10 assorted colors.