• Perforated Air Foam Rolls

    Foam rolls are cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

    • Light-weight protection.
    • Foam absorbs shocks.
    • Keeps products clean and mark free.
    • Non-abrasive.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Pink anti-static foam protects sensitive electronic components from static discharge.

  • Air Foam Dispenser Packs

    Air Foam cushioning in a convenient dispenser pack.

    • Portable dispenser pack is great for work station use.
    • Light-weight foam keeps product protected and clean.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Cross-perforated at 12 inch for easy tear off.

  • Anti-Static Air Foam Dispenser Packs

    Anti-static air foam in a convenient dispensing carton.

    • Quality 1/8 inch pink anti-static foam.
    • Cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.
    • Portable around the work place.
    • Great for work station use.
    • Available in 12 inch and 24 inch widths.

  • Air Foam Sheets

    Pre-cut polyethylene foam sheets save packing time.

    • Light-weight 1/8 inch foam protection.
    • Non-abrasive foam will not scratch or mark.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Use to wrap small items.
    • Also great as a cushioning layer pad.
    • Custom sizes available.

  • Air Bubble Rolls

    Nothing cushions like a blanket of air.

    • Air bubble makes an excellent cushion and void-fill.
      - 3/16 inch for small items - Light cushioning.
      - 5/16 inch for medium items - General purpose cushioning.
      - 1/2 inch for large items - For dunnage and void fill.
    • Protects against shock, abrasion and vibration.
    • Air bubble rolls can be slit and/or perforated to your exact specifications.
    • Air bubble can also be custom sheeted.

  • Perforated Air Bubble Rolls

    Same great bubble protection cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

    • Available in 3/16, 5/16 and 1/2 inch bubble height rolls.
    • Retail lengths available for low volume or retail applications.
    • Pink anti-static bubble provides both cushioning and static protection for electronic components.
    • All rolls are cross-perforated every 12 inch for easy tear off.

  • Instapak Quick®

    Foam in a Bag System

    • Easy to use, protective foam cushions in an instant!
    • Compact tabletop warmer requires limited counter space.
    • Chemicals are activated in the bag so no clean up is required!
    • The economical choice for Foam in a Bag systems!

  • Instapak Quick®; RT

    Room Temperature Foam in a Bag System

    • Protect anything and everything, anywhere!
    • No equipment required! Completely portable!
    • Works the same as Instapak Quick® without the need of a preheating warming unit! Recommended temperature range is 65° - 90 °F.
    • Chemicals are activated in the bag so no clean up is required!

  • Newsprint



    Economical void-fill. A great stuffer.

    • Unprinted newsprint is made from 100% recycled paper.
    • Available sheeted or in rolls.
    • Roll fits standard paper cutters.
    • 30 No. basis weight.

  • Kraft Paper Rolls

    Excellent for wrapping boxes, parts or for layering.

    • A natural void-fill.
    • Kraft Paper is bio-degradable and easily recyclable.
    • Made from 100% recycled fibers.

  • Wrapping Tissue

    Crumples easily for packing into small cartons and mailers.

  • Freezer Paper

    Provides protection for frozen products for up to one year.

    • Polyethylene coated on one side.
    • 40 No. virgin, bleached paper.
    • FDA approved.

  • Waxed Paper

    Waxed Paper protects products from oil, grease and moisture.

    • 100% virgin Kraft paper. Waxed on both sides.
    • Light-weight 30 No. basis weight.
    • Non-abrasive protection.

  • KIMPAK® - Cellulose Wadding