• 2 Mil Reclosable Poly Bags

    Pinch track zipper closed to keep products clean and moisture free.

    • single track zipper extends the width of the bag.
    • Meets FDA requirements for food applications.
    • Sizes are inside dimensions of the bag.

  • 6 Mil Heavy-Duty Reclosable Poly Bags

    Perfect for use with heavy parts.
    Super Heavy-Duty 6 Mil bags are puncture resistant.

  • White Block Reclosable Poly Bags

    All of the Convenience of a reclosable bag and no label needed.

    • Large write on block for description, quantity, pricing etc.
    • Use felt tip or ball point pen to write directly on bag.
    • Bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact.
    • 45 sizes to choose
    • Markers available.

  • Slide-Seal Reclosable Poly Bags

    Fast and easy to use, even with gloved hands.

    • Slide lock glides smoothly across bag.
    • Rugged 3 Mil construction, reusable.

  • Hang Hole Reclosable Poly Bags

    Perfect for retail and industrial applications.
    Convenient pre-punched hole for hanging or tying.

  • Double Track Reclosable Poly Bags

    Double track provides protection from leakage.
    Strong 4 Mil construction.

  • Mini-Grip™ Reclosable Poly Bags

    Premium quality Mini-Grip™ "red line" reclosable bags feature a heavy-duty zipper closure.

    • Premium red line bags are leak resistant.
    • Simply squeeze to seal.
    • Superior clarity.
    • Durable and reusable.
    • Heavy-duty zipper.
    • Made in U.S.A.

  • Heavy-Duty Mini-Grip™ Reclosable Poly Bags

    Superior strength and puncture resistant.
    Heavy-Duty "red line" reclosable poly bags.

  • Mini-Grip™ White Block Reclosable Poly Bags

    Premium quality Mini-Grip™ bags with a white block area for content identification

  • Mini-Grip™ Anti-Static Reclosable Poly Bags

    Safeguard electronic components with anti-static reclosable bags.
    Constructed from virgin, non-corrosive, anti-static polyethylene film.