• 3M Jet Melt™ Glue Sticks

    Available in both Low-Melt and Hot-Melt technologies. Low-Melt is applied at 265 ºF to bond heat sensitive substrates such as polystyrene foam.

  • 3M Poly Gun™ Glue Applicators
  • Industrial Glue Applicators
  • Industrial Glue Sticks

    Good general purpose characteristics. Bonds a broad range of materials.

  • Glue Dots™

    Multi-purpose, low profile Glue Dots™ are pre-extruded hot melt "dots" of adhesive packaged in a convenient dispenser box.

    • Bonds instantly.
    • Attach paper, coupons, business or reply cards to samples.
    • Clear dots remove cleanly and easily.
    • Faster and safer than hot glue guns.
    • Non-toxic, odorless and FDA compliant.

  • Impulse Sealers

    Easy to use. Simply place bag between seal bars, press down and release.

    • Adjustable timer for different poly thicknesses.
    • Service kit includes: 2 heating elements and 2 PTFE® tape strips.

  • Impulse Sealers with Cutter

    All-in-one unit seals and clean cuts poly tubing in one easy step.

    • Built in sliding cutter.
    • Service kit includes: 2 heating elements, 2 PTFE® tape strips, and 1 cutter.

  • PTFE® Tape

    PTFE® Tape protects heat sealing equipment.

  • Poly Tubing Dispensers