• Anti-Static Hand Stretch Film

    Protects shipments from static discharge.

    • Anti-static agent is incorporated into this quiet cast film.
    • Keep shipments clean and intact while protecting from static discharge.
    • Pink 80 gauge cast film.

  • Orbital Lock-Down Stretch Wrap System
  • Blown Hand Stretch Film

    Puncture resistant blown film handles your toughest irregular loads.

    • Puncture and tear resistant
    • Excellent cling provides superior stabilization of loads
    • Performs in temperatures down to -5ºF.

  • Blown Machine Stretch Film

    Quality Blown stretch film in machine length rolls.

    • Blown film is strong and puncture resistant
    • Great for use on irregular loads
    • Can be used on any stretch machine
    • Excellent cling properties. Film only sticks to itself, not your products

  • Cast Hand Stretch Film

    Reduce warehouse noise up to 75% with super quiet, quality cast hand stretch film.

    • Cast film is ultra clear.
    • Makes bar codes easy to read
    • Releases smooth and easy off the roll.

  • Cast Machine Stretch Film

    Quality cast machine stretch film comes off the roll smoothly and quietly.

    • Ultra clear film makes bar codes easy to read
    • Use to secure uniform loads
    • Stretches up to 250%
    • Substantially reduces warehouse noise
    • For use on all stretch film equipment

  • Colored Bundling Stretch Film

    Great for Color Coding your inventory or shipments.

    • Quality 80 gauge cast stretch film.
    • One reusable plastic dispenser included in each case.

  • Colored Hand Stretch Film

    Use colored hand stretch film for product identification.

    • Great for inventory control carrier identification or just to call attention to your shipment.
    • Quiet cast stretch film.
    • Smooth and easy release.
    • Choose form red, blue or green.

  • Economy Extended Core Stretch Film

    Economy Extended core stretch film does not require a dispenser.

    • Complete disposable hand wrap system.
    • Extended 4 1/2 inch core as acts handles.
    • Comfortable 1 1/2 inch diameter core is easy to grip
    • Completely portable around the warehouse.
    • Quiet and ultra clear cast film.

  • Extended Core Bundling Stretch Film

    Disposable handle is built into each roll of extended core bundling stretch film.

    • Easy to grip 1 inch diameter core
    • Fully ready to use out of the box
    • Faster, easier and more economical to use than strapping, tape or twine
    • Great for combining items for freight consolidation
    • Quality quiet cast film
    • Film will not leave a residue on your products.
    • Available in 3 inch or 5 inch film widths.
    • Choose from 80, 100 or heavy-duty 120 gauge film

  • GOODWRAPPERS® Bundling Stretch Film

    Patented Goodwrappers® dispenser reduces friction on hands.

    • One Goodwrappers® dispenser is included in each case.
    • Dispenser given user excellent tension control.
    • High quality 80 gauge and 120 gauge cast stretch film.
    • Available in 3 inch and 5 inch width.

  • GOODWRAPPERS® Identi-Wrap® Stretch Film

    Pre-printed shipping instructions on 5 inch Goodwrappers® Identi-wrap® stretch film displays the special handling instruction your shipment requires.

    • Eliminates the need for labels.
    • Easy to use. Simply wrap film around unitized product.
    • Two Goodwrappers® dispensers are included in each case.
    • 80 gauge film - 6 rolls per Case.

  • GOODWRAPPERS® Stretch Film

    Goodwrappers® premium stretch film system provides the easiest and most efficient way to wrap pallets.

    • Light-weight. No need for a heavy dispenser.
    • Built-in disposable handles prevent friction on hands
    • Patented dispenser provides great tension control and allows for maximum film stretch so less film is needed.
    • Portable and ready to use out of the box

  • GOODWRAPPERS® Stretch Netting

    Secures products without stopping air flow.

    • A food industry standard.
    • Helps prevent condensation on loads.
    • Provides even ventilation to allow product in the middle of a load to maintain the same temperature as product on the outside of a load.
    • Each roll comes complete with two Goodwrappers® patented dispenser handless.
    • Application - Hand.

  • Heat Guns

    Heat Guns


    Versatile Heat Guns are great for a variety of applications including heating shrink film, removing paint, varnish or self-adhesive stickers. May also be used to thaw metal locks or pipes and loosen rusted or over tightened nuts and metal screws.

  • Micron Hand Stretch Film

    New technology metallocene resin allows more coverage with less film.

    • Made from hi-tech metallocene resin.
    • Will not "neck down."
    • Cast film is super clear and quiet.
    • Economical film protects shipments with less film.

  • Narrow Width Bundling Stretch Film

    Narrow width stretch film bundles small light-weight products for shipment.

    • Faster and more economical to use than tape, strapping or twine.
    • Stretch film clings to itself. No tape needed
    • Stretch film will not leave a residue on products.
    • One Plastic dispenser in included in each case
    • Plastic dispenser can be used with 3 inch or 5 inch. Narrow width bundling stretch film.
    • Quality quiet cast stretch film.

  • Opaque Hand Stretch Film

    Opaque film completely conceals shipments.

    • Economical to use. Film completely conceals in one pass.
    • Ideal for outdoor storage or international shipments
    • Strong blown film is puncture resistant for irregular loads
    • Goodwrappers® feature UV inhibitor.

  • Opaque Blown Machine Stretch Film

    Our most popular machine film in black opaque!

    • Opaque film completely conceals your shipments,
    • Blown film is strong and puncture resistant.
    • Can be used on any stretch film machine

  • Orbital Lock-Down Stretch Wrap System

    New Orbital Lock-Down Stretch Wrap System is your best shot at secure, safe, and superior pack-to-ship performance at a significant savings.

    • Orbital lock-down technology moves a horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser completely around and under cargo and pallet
    • Secures standard, oversized, or odd-shaped loads without bands
    • Locks load to pallet - right from the forklift
    • Most models plug into any 110-volt outlet
    • On locking casters for easy placement
    • Get a grip on your specific stretch wrap needs — there's a Yellow Jacket 110 that's right for you.
    • Available in 87", 120", or 180" models
    • Standard manual, semi-automatic and automatic conveyor-ready units
    • Ask about custom systems and options.

  • Orbital Lock-Down Stretch Wrap System

    Peak Film


    All Peak films are new 7-layer, hi-tech metallocene resin based stretch films designed to lower your packaging costs.

    • Tougher and stronger films replacing thicker obsolete films while maintaining or improving holding force
    Optimizes these film characteristics:
    • Puncture Resistance
    • Clarity
    • Consistent Cling
    • Quiet Unwind
    • Cast films with One Side Cling / One Side No Cling

  • LTG Shrink Film

    The "original" light gauge shrink film conforms easily to irregularly shaped objects.

    • Excellent performance at a lighter gauge for substantial cost savings.
    • LTG replaces 60 gauge polyolefin film.
    • Special formulation is 25% thinner than other shrink films on the market.
    • Uniquely versatile film operates on all sealing and shrink equipment.
    • Consistently strong seals over the broadest range of temperatures.
    • Complies with FDA standards for direct food contact.
    • Provides superior clarity and gloss for retail presentations.

  • Polyolefin Shrink Film

    Excellent performance on all types of manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipment.

    • Multi-layer, biaxially oriented shrink film requires no dwell time.
    • High gloss appearance and excellent clarity.
    • Puncture resistant.
    • Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact.
    • Great for cold temperature storage applications.
    • Works well on irregularly shaped items.
    • Approved for mailings by the U.S. Postal Service.

  • PVC Shrink Bags

    Save time by using PVC shrink bags.

    • Great for CDs, DVDs or software.
    • Simply place product in a bag and shrink with a heat gun.
    • Use with heat guns

  • PVC Shrink Film

    Shrinks and seals at a lower temperature for fast production.

    • Can be used with portable or automatic equipment.
    • Great for retail applications. Provides crystal clear high gloss packaging.

  • PVC Shrink Tubing

    Use to make custom size shrink bags.

    • High clarity, high gloss PVC film.
    • Pre-sealed on 2 sides.

  • Stretch Film Dispensers

    All dispensers feature ball bearing tension control.

  • Super-Sealer™ Shrink Film Systems

    Pack or repack items with this professional, portable, easy to use Shrink Film System.

    • Features a built-in adjustable timer with LED light.
    • Heavy-duty steel construction.
    • UL listed.
    Super-Sealer® System includes:
    - Bar sealer
    - No. SWSVAR heat gun
    - 200 ft. of 75 gauge PVC film
    - 1 service kit

    Super-Sealer® Service Kit includes:
    -Sealing pad,
    -(5) 3 Mil PTFE® tape strips,
    -(3) 10 Mil PTFE® tape strips,
    - wire,
    -micro switch,
    -arm spring and fuse.

  • Yellow Jacket 110 Semi-Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrap Systems

    Available in 87", 120" or 180" models.

    • Constructed with powder-coated 7-ga. Steel
    • Wrapping length capacity can be increased via options of increasing machine base
    • Uses any machine grade film up to 20" wide
    • Adjustable tensioning provides a range of film pre-stretch
    • Computer controls machine functions
    • Compliance to all national safety and regulatory standards
    • Customization available with automatic conveyor ready units.

    Regardless of product shape or size, the Yellow Jacket Semi-Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrap System can lock the load to the pallet.

  • 3M Stretchable Tape

    Stabilize shifting loads securely.

    • Quality 3M tape won't tear labels, Loses tack when stretched.
    • Stretches up to 700%.

  • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

    The ValueLine pallet wrappers are designed to meet the most cost effective pallet wrapping applications.

    Designed with affordability, versatility and reliability in mind, the ValueLine stretch wrappers ensure maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs.A step above hand wrapping.

    • Ideal for low volume users in all industries
    • Easy machine set-up for first time users
    • Simple and easy to use control panel
    • Fold down tower for ease of installation and transport

    • up to 40 loads per hour
    • Optional ramp

  • NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage-2

    • Safe and fast loading process
    • Lexan gate safety cover
    • Double latch safety gate lock
    • Virtually silent operation
    • Excellent film stretching performance
    • Maintenance free AC motor with variable frequency drive for corner compensation
    • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers' blue compound