• 3M Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape
  • Industrial Tensilized Polypropylene Strapping Tape

    Strong poly strapping tape is great for bundling.

    • Economy strapping tape for general purpose packaging.
    • Also used to secure pallets.
    • Stretches over 35%.

  • Plastic Strap Guards

    Guards protect shipments from damage caused by tight strapping.

    • Ribbed channel stops strapping from moving.
    • Use with steel or poly strapping.
    • Made from strong durable plastic.
    • Strap Guards may be reused.

  • Poly Cord Strapping

    White woven polyester cord strapping offers excellent resistance to moisture.

    • Perfect for outdoor applications.
    • Cord may be hand tied or used with seals or buckles.
    • White.

  • Poly Strapping Buckles

    Poly strapping buckles are available in both metal or postal approved plastic construction.

    • Loop poly strapping through buckle, tighten and cut.
    • 1,000 per case.

  • Poly Strapping Kits

    Portable Strapping Kits are self contained and portable for use anywhere in the warehouse.

    • Kits carry everything needed for fast easy strapping applications.
    • Choose from general purpose or postal approved kits.
    • Each kit includes a tensioner/cutter
    • Simply loop poly strapping through buckles, then tighten and cut with the tensioner/cutter.

  • Poly Strapping Seals

    Use these galvanized strapping seals to secure poly strapping.

  • Poly Strapping Tool
  • Polyester Strapping

    Strong enough to replace steel strapping.

    • An economical and non-corrosive alternative to steel strapping. Save up to 40%.
    • Retains tension longer than other types of strapping.
    • 80% lighter and easier to use than steel strapping.
    • For medium and heavy-duty applications.
    • Seal with serrated or sandpaper seals.

  • Signode® Brand Sandpaper Seals and Sealer
  • Hand Grade Poly Strapping

    Polypropylene Strapping is easy to use, economical, strong and 1/2 the weight of steel strapping.

    • This strapping is weather resistant and safe to use. No sharp edges.
    • Quality poly strapping is split resistant and helps to prevent pilferage.
    • Choose either economical smooth or embossed styles.
    • Embossed strapping provides added flexibility.

  • Steel Strapping

    Protect your heavy shipments with strong steel strapping

    • All painted and waxed steel oscillated coils.
    • Approximately 100 lbs. per coil.
    • Secure with seals.
    • May use strap guards to protect edges.
    • Steel strapping carts.

  • Steel Strapping Sealers

    Sealers provide easy application of open and closed seals.

  • Steel Strapping Seals

    High strength steel strapping seals provide a secure seal. All are galvanized to prevent rust.

  • Steel Strapping Shears

    Use Shears to cut off excess steel strapping.

  • Steel Strapping Tensioners

    Tensioners tighten strapping to secure loads.

  • Machine Grade Poly Strapping

    Quality Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping works great in tabletop, semi-automatic strapping machine applications.

    • Strapping is embossed for reduced splitting, greater flexibility and better seal joint efficiency in heat seal machines.
    • Each roll is packaged in a U.P.S. able carton.
    • Choose from 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch widths.
    • Available in black, white and yellow.

  • Strapping Carts
  • Strapping Protectors

    Protects palletized product from strapping damage.

    • Spreads strapping tension to prevent damage.
    • Made from strong laminated fiberboard.
    • Use with steel or poly strapping.
    • May be reused and are recyclable.

  • Sealless Combo Tools

    Use to tension, seal and cut steel strapping.

    • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for strapping seals!

  • Pull-Tight Seals

    • Consecutively numbered, plastic, one-piece construction.

  • Gemini Tote Seals

    Twin set seals secure totes or other applications requiring two seals.

    • Consecutively numbered.

  • Handilok Seals

    Easy-to-use, padlock seals designed for one-handed operation.

    • Consecutively numbered with spring-hinged arm.

  • Plastic Padlock Seals

    All purpose seals with engineered break-point for fast access.

    • Consecutively numbered seals feature 12 pt. break-point strength.

  • Wire Padlock Seals

    One-time use seals require a cutter for removal.

    • Consecutively numbered with galvanized wire hasp.