• Colored Shipping Tags

    Colored tags aide in coding shipments and inventory.

    • Tags feature a 3/16 inch reinforced tear resistant eyelet.
    • All are available in plain, pre-strung or pre-wired styles.
    • Nine colors to choose from.
    • Gray available in model No. 5 and No. 8 only.

  • Fluorescent Shipping Tags

    These bright tags demand attention.

    • Use these fluorescent tags to color code your shipments and inventory.
    • Choose from fluorescent colors red, orange, green, pink or yellow.
    • All tags feature a 3/16 inch reinforced eyelet.
    • Available in plain, pre-strung and pre-wired styles.
    • All packed 1000 per case.

  • Sold Tags

    Sold Tags


    Identifies sold items.

    • Pre-printed area for entering sold to information.
    • Tag features a 3/16 inch reinforced eyelet.
    • Available in 10 or 13 point card stock.

  • Tag Wire and String

    Use wire or string ties to attach labels to products.

  • Inspection Tags- 1 Part

    Use color coded tags for quality control functions.

    • Size No. 5.
    • Available in plain, pre-strung or pre-wired styles.
    • All feature a tear resistant reinforced eyelet.
    • Sturdy 13 point construction.
    • "Repairable or Rework" tags are prenumbered 001-999.

  • Inspection Tags- 2 Part

    Tags are consecutively numbered to aide in record keeping.

    • Size No. 5.
    • Pre-numbered from 001-499.
    • Available in plain, pre-strung or pre-wired styles.
    • Tags feature a reinforced eyelet.

  • Inventory Tags 1 Part- Stub Style

    Detached stub stays with product.

    • Size No. 8 - 6 1/4 x 3 1/8 inch.
    • Duplicate numbered in red on stub and tag.
    • 10 point stock.
    • Available plain or pre-wired.

  • Inventory Tags 2 Part- Stub Style

    Carbonless 2 part tags.

    • Size No. 8 - 6 1/4 x 3 1/8 inch.
    • White top sheet with 10 point manila base.
    • Duplicate numbered in red on stub, base and top plys.
    • Available in plain or pre-wired styles.

  • Inventory Tags- Carbon Style

    • Size No. 8 - 6 1/4 x 3 1/8 inch.
    • Adhesive strip on base ply.
    • Available plain or pre-wired.

  • Inventory Tags 2 Part- Carbonless

    Use these tags to keep your inventory in check.

    • Size No. 8 - 6 1/4 x 3 1/8 inch.
    • White carbonless bond with 10 point manila base stock.
    • Available plain or pre-wired with 12 inch wire.
    • 500 per case.

  • Inventory Tags 3 Part- Carbonless

    3 part inventory tags eliminate transcribing errors.

    • Size No. 8 - 6 1/4 x 3 1/8 inch.
    • White carbonless bond with pink middle bond and 10 point manila base stock.
    • Available plain or pre-wired with 12 inch wire.
    • 500 per case.

  • Open-Edge™ Plastic Label Holders

    The best value for high volume applications.

    • Top loading design can be cut to desired length.
    • Self-adhesive backing.
    • White insert included.

  • Hol-Dex® Plastic Label Holders

    Insertable for quick and cost effective product ID changes.

    • Clear plastic, side load design.
    • Won't crack, peel, fade or fall off.

  • Magnetic Warehouse Labels

    Write on/wipe off feature makes moving inventory quick and easy.

    • Reusable. Mark with wet or dry erase markers.
    • Cut roll to length with scissors.

  • SLIP-STRIP™ Label Holder Strips

    Change labels as often as necessary without messy adhesive build-up.

    • Use scissors to cut to length.
    • Inserts not included.

  • Anti-Static Labels
  • Arrow Labels
  • D.O.T. Labels
  • Delicate Instruments Labels
  • Fragile Labels
  • Glass/Liquid Labels
  • Hazardous Waste Labels
  • International Safe-Handling Labels
  • Inventory Labels Circles

    Quickly identify products with these bright inventory circles.

    • 11 colors to choose from.
    • 500 pressure sensitive labels per roll.

  • Inventory Labels- Months of the Year
  • Inventory Labels Rectangles

    Use rectangle Labels to mark shelving or to identify inventory.

    • Easy to write on.
    • 11 colors to choose from.
    • Pressure sensitive labels on a roll.

  • Labels, Made in USA
  • ORM-D Labels
  • Pallet Corner Labels
  • Pallet Protection Labels
  • Perishable Packaging Labels

    Notify handlers of the special temperature requirements of your shipment.

    • Pressure sensitive peel and seal labels.
    • 500 labels per roll.

  • Pre-Printed D.O.T. Labels
  • Production Labels
  • Rush Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Shipping Tags- Manila

    Use multi-purpose tags for items that can not be Labeled.

    • Tags feature a reinforced tear resistant 3/16 inch eyelet.
    • All are available in plain, pre-strung or pre-wired styles.
    • Pre-strung tags are looped strung.
    • Pre-wired tags feature a 12 inch - 26 gauge double wire.

  • Special Handling Labels
  • Subsidiary Risk Labels
  • Table Top Dispensers

    • Multi-roll dispensers hold core sizes up to 6 inch.
    • Adjustable roll dividers allow for any width Labels.
    • Can be used for both Labels and tape.
    • Heavy steel construction with non-skid suction base for maximum performance.

  • Wall Mount Labels Dispensers

    Save valuable packing space.

    • Convenient - ready for wall-mount or counter use.
    • Quick to load and thread.
    • Durable, heavy-duty all metal construction.

  • Wire-Rac™ Snap-On Label Holders

    The solution for labeling wire shelving.

    • Snaps on for a perfect fit.
    • Clear plastic designed to retrofit any 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inch face.
    • White inserts included.

  • Inventory Labels- Days of the Week
  • 3M Pouch Tape Pads

    3M Pouch Tape Pads makes attaching shipping papers easy and convenient.

    • Portable for use around the warehouse.
    • No dispenser needed.
    • "Documents Enclosed" print.

  • 3M Pouch Tape Rolls

    Pressure sensitive tape with a non-tacky, see through rectangular window.

    • Use to attach and protect shipping papers.
    • Excellent holding power.
    • Clear acrylic adhesive will not yellow.
    • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
    • Quality 3M adhesive.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Clean cutting. No adhesive build up on blades.
    • "Documents Enclosed" print.

  • Industrial Label Protection Tape

    Extra wide roll covers most labels in a single press.

    • Use to attach shipping and product labels securely to packages.
    • Clear acrylic adhesive will not yellow.
    • A single roll will adhere approximately 400 labels.

  • Industrial Label Protection and Pouch Tape Dispensers
  • Envelopes, Clear Face Document

    • Transparent pressure sensitive envelopes allow your document to be read.
    • 2 Mil tamper proof envelopes keep documents clean and safe.

  • Envelopes, Important Papers Enclosed
  • Envelopes, Invoice Enclosed
  • Envelopes, Misc. Document
  • Envelopes, Packing List/Invoice Enclosed
  • Envelopes, Resealable Clear Face Document

    • Great for storing instructions, warranties and other documents that will be reused.
    • Strong 2 Mil envelopes resist water, oil and dirt.
    • Envelopes are pressure sensitive and stick to clean surfaces.

  • Super Sticky Notes

    Revolutionary adhesive technology ensures your notes will stick securely to more surfaces.

    • Ideal for vertical and hard-to-stick surfaces like monitors, walls, dashboards and corrugated boxes.
    • Perfect for when you need your message to get noticed!
    • Large format sizes and bright neon colors provide maximum visibility.
    • Assorted neon packs may contain: limeade green, electric blue, electric yellow, neon pink or neon orange.

  • Super Sticky Cards

    Restickable cards you can display or store.

    • Stick and stay stuck!
    • Sturdy and easy to carry with you wherever you go.
    • Great for writing, posting and storing information you use regularly.
    • Assorted pastel includes: canary yellow, sky blue and spring green,
    • Choose ruled or unruled cards.