• 3M Label Protection and Pouch Tape Dispensers

    3M M707

    • Accommodates rolls widths up to 4 inch wide.
    • Labels are applied and protected in one time-saving operation.
    • Mounts securely on counter or work table.
    • Includes side-mounted, 3/4 inch wide auxiliary dispenser.
    3M M797
    • Adjustable dispenser can be set to described tape length for consistent delivery.
    • Accommodates will widths up to 6 inch wide.
    • Can be used with all 3M label protection and pouch tapes.
    • May be mounted or used as a portable dispenser.

  • Industrial Label Protection and Pouch Tape Dispensers
  • 3M Table Top Tape Dispensers
  • Masking Tape Dispensers

    Dispense single or multiple rolls of tape on the same dispenser.

    • Guides keep tape separated for an easy fit.
    • Heavy-duty steel construction with non-skid base.
    • Serrated blade cuts tape cleanly.
    • Holds 3 inch diameter cores.

  • 3M Filament Tape Dispensers
  • Industrial Filament Tape Dispensers
  • 3M Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers

    3M H-180 and H-183

    • Roll-on, pistol grip dispenser for easy center seam closure of cases.
    • Built in adjustable brake for tight, consistent seal.
    • Easy to load.
    • Metal and high-impact plastic construction for durable, long-life performance.

  • 3M Ergonomic Tape Dispenser

    3M H-190

    • Pistol grip dispenser economically designed for user comfort.
    • Unique pull-apart handle for easy tape loading.
    • High-impact plastic construction for durable, long-life performance.

  • 3M Hand Held Plastic Tape Dispensers
  • 3M Hand Held Metal Tape Dispensers

    3M H-128 and H-123

    • Compact hand held dispenser.
    • Sturdy metal construction for durable, long-life performance.

  • Seal Safe® Tape Dispensers

    Premium retractable blade dispensers.

    • Patented retractable cutting blade action. Blade moves forward to cut tape, then retracts back inside.
    • Adjustable tension control.

  • Heavy-Duty Tape Dispensers

    Sturdy steel and high impact plastic construction.

    • Natural rubber rollers.
    • Adjustable tension control.
    • Heat treated cutting blades.

  • Comfort Grip Tape Dispensers

    Cushioned foam grip helps reduce operator fatigue and discomfort.

    • Adjustable break for tension control.
    • Side loading.

  • Industrial Tape Dispensers

    Quick side loading dispensers.

    • Adjustable break to control tension.
    • Smooth tape application.

  • Table Top Dispensers

    • Multi-roll dispensers hold core sizes up to 6 inch.
    • Adjustable roll dividers allow for any width Labels.
    • Can be used for both Labels and tape.
    • Heavy steel construction with non-skid suction base for maximum performance.

  • Bag Tapers

    Tape bags closed in seconds.

    • Twist neck of bag closed and move through slot.
    • No. TDPRODWN has a wide neck for thicker bags.
    • All steel construction with pre-drilled holes for mounting.