• 3M 600 Scotch® Brand Transparent Tape

    Premium transparent tape with a glossy finish for general purpose use.

    • Resists splitting and tearing.
    • Easy to handle and apply.
    • Resists yellowing and drying out.

  • 3M 610 Scotch® Brand Cellophane Tape

    A transparent cellophane film tape featuring a high-tack adhesive system.

    • High performance.
    • Excellent adhesion, dispensing and handling properties.
    • Dimensionally stable on applications up to 300 ºF.

  • 3M 665 Scotch® Brand Double Coated Tape (Permanent)

    Transparent tape coated with permanent adhesive on both sides.

    • Photo safe.
    • Usable right off the roll.
    • No liner to remove.
    • Resists drying out.

  • 3M 810 Scotch® Brand Magic™ Tape (Permanent)

    It disappears when you apply it and stays invisible over time.

    • Ideal for permanent applications like mending and splicing.
    • Non-yellowing matte finish.
    • Writable surface.

  • 3M Label Protection Tape
  • Industrial Label Protection Tape

    Extra wide roll covers most labels in a single press.

    • Use to attach shipping and product labels securely to packages.
    • Clear acrylic adhesive will not yellow.
    • A single roll will adhere approximately 400 labels.

  • 3M Pouch Tape Rolls

    Pressure sensitive tape with a non-tacky, see through rectangular window.

    • Use to attach and protect shipping papers.
    • Excellent holding power.
    • Clear acrylic adhesive will not yellow.
    • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
    • Quality 3M adhesive.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Clean cutting. No adhesive build up on blades.
    • "Documents Enclosed" print.