The ValueLine pallet wrappers are designed to meet the most cost effective pallet wrapping applications.

Designed with affordability, versatility and reliability in mind, the ValueLine stretch wrappers ensure maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs.A step above hand wrapping.

  • Ideal for low volume users in all industries
  • Easy machine set-up for first time users
  • Simple and easy to use control panel
  • Fold down tower for ease of installation and transport

  • up to 40 loads per hour
  • Optional ramp
Unit of Measure



N/A 3000 lb

Machine Dimensions

N/A 58" W x 100" L x 90 7/16" H

Turntable Size (Dia.)

N/A 58 Inch

Load Size

N/A 50" W x 50" L x 80" H (70.7" diagonal)

Wrap Height

N/A 80 Inch

Load Weight

N/A Up to 3000 lb

Approximate Shipping Weight

N/A 985 lb

Electrical Requirements

N/A 120V/1/60 15A


  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • 24V control system
  • Current overload protection
  • Autoheight sensing photoeye
  • Power on/off switch and indicator light
  • Start/stop push button
  • Large emergency stop (push pull type)
  • Variable AC frequency drives
  • Manual carriage up/down function
  • Table jog
  • Variable table speed (10 RPM)
  • Carriage speed adjustment
  • Top and bottom wrap selectors-one selector for 1, 2, 3 wraps each
  • Film tension adjustment
  • Carriage limits: prox for down and limit switch for up

Film Delivery System

  • 20" NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage
  • AC motor and 120V AC drive
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers' blue compound
  • Film force release for easy pull at start and end of cycle
  • 200% pre-stretch ratio (other pre-stretch ratio sold separately]
  • Electronic film tension control with analog sensor
  • Lexan roller cover for operator safety

Film Carriage Drive

  • AC motor and 120V AC drive
  • Belt driven with safety detection device

Turntable Drive

  • 0 to 10 RPM variable speed
  • AC motor with 120V AC drive
  • Chain driven turntable
  • Electronic soft start/stop
  • Positive turntable alignment controlled by proximity sensor


  • Steel tower
  • Forklift portable base design - from one side
  • Structural steel construction

Technical Information

  • The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings, troubleshooting guide & installation instructions


  • 1 year
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers' blue compound